After a forced stop as a result of COVID 19, it has made us
reflect on what we do and, above all, how we do it.
Legal Boutique Advisers was created as a group of
professionals specialised in real estate investment, where
we advise from the beginning to analyse our clients’
interests and seek the best investment that suits their
needs, whether it is an investment or the search for their
holiday home.
Precisely when optimising their resources, not only in real
estate, we do not forget investing in the art sector, which
has interesting tax benefits.
What better than to invest in a work of art and be part of
our history?
After two months of lockdown, it has made us reflect on our
way of life and, above all, value how to distribute our
resources, and how to enjoy them without harming the
Therefore, we would like to welcome Danish architect
Bettina Rosasco, who is based in Spain and specialises in
sustainable construction, as well as being a Feng Shui
consultant. She also forms part of our team to advise on
all renovations, or new buildings, that allow better
enjoyment of our clients’ new investment, taking advantage
of natural resources, without harming the environment.
Por ello, damos la bienvenida a la arquitecta danesa,
afincada en España, Bettina Rosasco, especializada en la
construcción sostenible y Feng Shui, que apuesta por el
diseño bioclimático y pasivo, sensible a su entorno.
Asesora en todas aquellas reformas, o nuevas
construcciones, que permita un mejor disfrute de su nueva
inversión, teniendo en cuenta las condiciones
microclimáticas que permitan aprovechas los recursos
Legal Boutique Advisers develops and promotes Corporate
Social Responsibility, incorporated into our work method,
and encouraging our clients to get involved, so that their
investments help to reduce the negative impact on the
environment and society in general.
Legal Boutique Advisers accompanies and advises you so that
your investment project adapts to your needs, reducing the
tax impact and respecting and looking after our
We want to draw your future!!