The Spanish Parliament passed the Law 12/2015 of 24 June, the text allowed the Sephardic Jews to apply for Spanish nationality, five hundred years after the expulsion of Jews from Spain , part of whose descendants live today Israel, the US, Morocco or France.

The new law facilitates the naturalization of descendants of Sephardic Jews , through granting Spanish nationality by naturalization to Sephardic from Spain .

The condition come Sephardic Spain is proven by the following evidence , assessed as a whole:

– Present evidence you Sephardic Jewish origins.

– Demonstrate a particular connection / Special to Spain.

We offer the services needed by nationality so you do not have to worry about all the details related to the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship of descendants of Sephardic Jews .

As you know , we will provide all the services you need in a professional surrounding and confidence to file all the required documents.

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Marisela Castro